Contrarians to convention. Outliers of the order of things. Dissidents of dogma. Mainstream mutineers. Disrupters of the status quo. Rabble-rousing inciters of change.

This is what we look for in the people, products, and ventures we partner with. Participator focuses on identifying, co-creating, and turning around challenger brands. These are ventures started by entrepreneurs and academics who’ve identified unfulfilled needs and have developed differentiated products and businesses with clear opportunities for global expansion that can challenge market leaders and disrupt whole categories.

We offer funding, business, and financial advice. However, unlike common VCs, incubators, and accelerators, we specialize in marketing and branding — vital ingredients to success.

Current ventures we’re partnered with

Au brings an entirely different approach to the mining industry. We don’t mine. Rather, we’ve acquired a portfolio of undervalued gold properties and are increasing their value through the application of modern technology. We participated as co-founders, are on the board, the executive team, and provide ongoing business council, financing, marketing, and branding.

Patented air-to-water and water-to-water technology that provides clean drinking water, wherever it’s needed, and at scale. Participator facilitated Rainmaker’s recent RTO, as well as providing marketing and branding.

Eva is the next generation of digital media buying, with a deeper contextual understanding of each consumer. Eva’s smarter AI continually learns, eliminating ad fraud, lag, and error to produce unmatched digital advertising optimization.Participator helped facilitate Eva’s recent RTO, as well as providing business development, financing, marketing and IR.